chartssssssDisclaimer: Since the rates vary depending on area-to-area, the prices shown in Fig. 1

are average price of the plots in Lahore.
Charts_2Cycles can vary in length of time substantially from one low point to the next. They can be as

short as two or three years or as long as eight to 10 years. The plot prices rises on an average of

70 – 90% during the market uptrends and then fall on an average of 30 – 50% during the

downtrend. In other words, two steps forward and one step back.

Real estate cycles vary greatly. They differ in terms of length, degree and intensity. On

reviewing some historical data, we realized that most of the time, the real estate cycles have a

longer and higher upward trend in comparison to downward trend. It clearly means that, the

prices of property stay on higher trend for a longer period, even though the cycle can be violent

enough in short run.